My porphyria blog: Icestorm 2009

Icestorm 2009

They say it hit all the way from Texas to Maine, different numbers were bandied about-6,000 or 60,000 without power, 2,000 electric polls down. We, Me and my mom live in Missouri, southeast Missouri to be exact, in a pretty rural area, and as you can imagine this area got hit hard by this icestorm. In fact, we had to be rescued by a sheriff's deputy. He picked us up and took us to the local women's shelter in town. It was quite an experience and and quite harder than I thought it would be to be without power. We were without power for almost 4 days before we went to the shelter and before then we could only pick up one radio station, and it wasn't local, it was in another state, literally shut off from the world, living on candle power. My mother managed to heat us up meals using tealights and our neighbors were quite friendly, giving us their own candles when we ran out. We had an amazing and surreal ride to the shelter in the sheriff's new ford f-150 pickup through the devastation the icestorm had inflicted on our roads and trees, we had been hearing these same trees fall all around us for days, and he was telling us on the way that he had been up the entire night before cutting down trees off the power lines, got a 3-hr nap before he went back to work and he had just gotten shot at before he got to our house by a man who was suicidal, he got this man's daughter, to coax him out of the house and they grabbed him and had him taken to the closest mental hospital which is a ways away, essentially risking his own life, to save a life. Once we got to the shelter, the sheriff handed us and all our stuff over to them and it was a much needed break for us once the chaos of getting settled in was over because our needs are different than othes with me being disabled and Mom having auto-immune diseases too, we can't be around others without getting sick and there is nothing really we could take for it so we had are own area, they really went out oout of there way and treated us great and we got a lot of rest we needed. Me and Mom met Lisa and her 10 yr old son while we were there at the shelter, they were also without power at their house but she also worked upstairs in the shelter. I didn't get to meet her son because I was in bed, actually I was on a couch but it was quite comfortable, my Mom did get to meet her son though and said he was a great kid. Lisa was really good to us, she is also a photographer and gave me some icestorm pictures so I could share them here. Enjoy some photography by Lisa A. and some by me and Mom.


Agapelife said...

As I read your post, it emphasized that God does not leave us alone for long during a storm,(reminds me of the story of Jesus sleeping in Peter's boat during the storm) sending neighbours and the sheriff to take you to the shelter. Praise the Lord for your faith and attitude which includes sharing winter's beauty. I hope the readers will appreciate and thank God for what they have.

Penelope said...

Wow, ty.

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